Welcome to the MemoryMixer FAQs

Installing MemoryMixer
As with many programs MemoryMixer relies on some programs to already be installed on your computer. Just in case your computer doesn't already have those programs here are instructions.
 1. Java: To download and install Java 32B Click here to Install Java first (install using all default settings)
 2. QuickTime: Use this link to download and install the version that we recommend for use with MemoryMixer. Install before installing
    MemoryMixer:  Next install Quick Time 7.74
 3. Now you are ready to install MemoryMixer. Login at http://www.memorymixer.com/login and click on "My Products" then select the
    Windows version. The products links are on the right hand side.
 -- Once the file has been saved to your computer, double-click the file. (Some browsers will display a dialog box asking if you want to Run,
    Open Folder, or Close). Choose Run.
 -- The installer will be launched. Simply click Next on all dialogs until the installer has finished.        

Having Trouble with the Book Uploader
As you might be aware we are in the process of making the finishing touches to our website uploader. If you get an error message that says your page is too big or has too many pages, please call our office or email info@memorymixer.com and we can assist you.

Having Troubles with MemoryMixer... 1st thing to try is rebooting your machine. It is surprising what glitches that will fix.

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1. PC Q: I'm having a "QuickTime" error when I try to run MemoryMixer, what can I do?
PC A: Apple released a new version of QuickTime. This release has a conflict with some programs including MemoryMixer. We suggest you use 7.74 version of QuickTime by following the directions below:
    To install the version of QuickTime that MemoryMixer prefers:
       a. First you will need to uninstall the offending version of QuickTime. Go to "Control Panel"
       b. Launch "Program & Features".
       c. Find "QuickTime" & click uninstall - wait until removed.
       d. To download QuickTime 7.7.4 Click here.    e. Install the QuickTime you just downloaded.
       f. Click the MemoryMixer icon to run MemoryMixer as usual.  

    NOTE: If Quicktime does not start properly, right click on the QuickTimeInstaller.exe and choose "Run as Administrator"
           If you are still having problems contact our office during business hours info@memorymixer.com.

2. Q: How do I see all of my FONTs in MemoryMixer v4?
A:We have figured it out and here it is.

3. Q: Where do I find the Product Key Code?
A: Product Key Codes are emailed to you. Please print or keep your email for future reference. You will need this number if you ever need to reinstall MemoryMixer.

4. Q: What happens to my "stuff" (backgrounds, embellishments, & QM) and my albums if I already have MemoryMixer, will I lose it?
A: No, the content included with V4 will be automatically added to everything you already have. DO NOT uninstall your previous versions of

5. Q: What happens if I get a JVM error while installing MemoryMixer4?
A: Upon installation MemoryMixer makes some calculations and they may need to be adjusted. This tutorial will show you how to make those changes. We have used Notepad in this tutorial to make the changes.

6. Q: What do I do if my email address is already taken?
A: After installing your MemoryMixer, you will be sent to a page where you will type in your e-mail address. It might say that your e-mail address is already taken. If you already have an account with us just click on the red "X" (in the upper right hand corner of your screen). You will now be able to finish your installation.
System Requirements:
Windows • Windows 8, 10 & 11 MemoryMixer needs Java and QuickTime to run. These are common applications that many computer programs use and most computers already have. Use these quick links to make sure you have them installed:
JAVA ( To download Java 32B Click here to Install Java first )
 and then install Quick Time 7.74 See complete install instructions below.    
  • Pentium 4, 1 GHz or better (1.6 GHz recommended)
  • 1 GM RAM available (2 GB or more recommended)
  • 16 MG Video RaAM (64 MB recommended)
  • Install requires 3GB available Hard Disk Space

Mac • MemoryMixer isn't compatible with the newer Mac Operating Systems

About MemoryMixer--------------------------------------------------------------

7. Q: What are the new features in MemoryMixer 4?
A: There are lots of new features as well as improvements to existing features. Click here to learn more.

8. Q: What other features does MemoryMixer have?
A: MemoryMixer is loaded with easy to use, yet powerful features. Click here to see more.

9. Q: What digital content is included in MemoryMixer 4?
A: You will love the new digital backgrounds, embellishments and QuickMixes (TM) Click here to see what's included. This content isn't included in the V4 Upgrade.

10. Q: Can I get more backgrounds, embellishments, QuickMixes(TM), etc for Memorymixer?
A: Yes, we have talented designers who have created additional digital content for all of your projects and we've made it easy. Everything downloaded from the MemoryMixer Design Shoppe will be automatically installed in MemoryMixer for quick and easy access.

11. Q: What is the V4 Upgrade?
A: The V4 Upgrade is an affordable option for current MemoryMixer users. You must have a previous version of MemoryMixer to use the upgrade. However, it DOES NOT! include any NEW Digital Content. The upgrade is a great option, but the additional content is a great value...choices, choices, choices.

12. Q: What if I ordered the "Upgrade Only" and now I realize I want MemoryMixer4?
A: Don't worry, we understand it's a great value and you don't want to miss out. Simply follow the link below to purchase the additional content. it will be added to your software. Click here to get v4 content only. *please note you will need the key code from your "Upgrade Only" purchase

13. Q: If I have a previous version of MemoryMixer, What happens to my MemoryMixer albums and digital content (backgrounds, embellishments, & QM) I already have? Will I lose it?
A: No, the content included with V4 will be automatically added to everything you already have. DO NOT uninstall your previous versions of MemoryMixer.

14. MAC Q: When installing MemoryMixer software or new designs on my Mac I just received an installer error: "damaged" or "eject the disk image" what should I do?
A: Some of the increased security of Mountain Lion & Maveriks, makes it difficult to install software not purchased from Apple. If you receive "damaged" installer error and are asked to "eject the disk image" try the following: 15. Q: What should I do if my new install of MemoryMixer v4 takes a long time installing "Fonts"?
A:When instaling, MemoryMixer can take up to 10 minutes working through your fonts. It's okay to step away for a minute and let it work through. If it takes longer than 10 minutes (stuck on the font install only), please try re-installing your new v4 in a slightly different directory, like MemoryMixer4. If you need help moving your existing content, please email support@memorymixer.com and we will schedule a time to help you.

    To enable MemoryMixer Software and Add Ons.
       a. Click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner and open "System Preferences".
       b. Click "Security & Privacy".
       c. Click the Pad Lock in the lower left corner to make changes and enter your computers password.
       d. Click the Allow applications downloaded from and choose the "Anywhere" option and close System Preferences. (This part is found in the "General" section)
       e. Go back to your downloads folder and double click on the installer icon and it should install just fine.
       f. When you are finished installing this, then go back to your "Security & Privacy" windows and put this back to the setting that you want, and then click on the lock to save your changes.

    After installation, if you want to re-enable security, turn back on only Allow applications downloaded from: from Mac App Store.

Using MemoryMixer--------------------------------------------------------------

15. Q: What can I do if I'm having trouble selecting an embellishment in v4?
A: After many requests from you, MemoryMixer now allows you to select an object (like a photo or another embellishment) through the clear or transparent area of an embellishment and thanks to our great team of developers, they have done it. This is especially handy if you have photo boxes under a frame embellishment. However, sometimes change is a little hard to get used to. Here is a short video that will help.

It won't take long and you will get used to this new feature and all the benefits. Here are a few ideas to maximize this feature:

    -use the new zoom (lower left corner) to get closer. This makes it easier to select even those tiny embellishments.
    -try clicking on the larger part of the embellishment.
    -when your embellishment is selected, you can always use your keyboard arrow keys to move the item.
    -Text boxes and shapes do not have transparent areas and you won't be able to select through them.
    -DO NOT drag and drop your embellishments from the Photo Panel on the right side, add from the the Embellishments tool drawer on the left side.

16. Q: Why do my layouts look pixelated? Are they still okay to print?
A: With then new "Zoom and Fit Page" feature, you may be able to see more pixelation in your layouts, however you don't need to worry. It will still print your layouts beautifully. (default prints are still at 300dpi) We can increase the resolution, however it may slow MemoryMixer down. See what you think and let us know.

17. Q: What is a QuickMix?
A: A QuickMix is an album that our professional designers have created to help you get started on your perfect album. You can adjust, change, move or delete any part of the album with ease. You can also move the photo frames or re-size them or add as many photos as you would like. You may want to think of it as your own personal interior decorator who would love to have you further personalize your space if you have time.

18. Q: What is a QuickPage?
A: A QuickPage comes as one entire image either as an embellishment or organized into an QuickMix with photo boxes. On a QuickPage you will not be able to edit or move any of the embellishments.
    To add your pictures:
    If you are working with QuickPages organized into a QuickMix, you will be able to drag and drop your photos into the photo box (new with V4). If you are working with V3, you will right click anywhere on the QuickPage and choose "Send to Back". It will move this part of the page back and bring the photo boxes forward. You will then add your photos and then right click on the page and choose "Bring to Front" and bring it to the front again.

    If you are working with QuickPages offered as an Embellishment Pack, you will add them just as you would any embellishment.

    You can always add more embellishments to these pages but you cannot move or delete the existing ones.

19. Q: What if I can't find a "Background Paper" or "Embellishment" I have downloaded from the MemoryMixer Design Shoppe?
A: In your MemoryMixer Software, click on "Backgrounds" or "Embellishments" found in the tool drawer on the left side. Then click on "Paper Packs" or "Embellishment Packs", then either "Designers" or "Manufacturers", then the designers name and you should find all your purchases. In Version 4 there is a shortcut button, "PaperPacks" in the Backgrounds tool drawer

MemoryMixer Photo Gifts (Photo Books, Board Books, Calendars & More)----------------------

20. Q: Does MemoryMixer PRINT Photo Books?
A: Yes, and you’re going to love them. Each photo book is carefully handmade in the U.S. using time tested techniques and archival quality materials creating a family keepsake that will last.
21. Q: How do I get my "PhotoBook/PhotoGift" files to you?
A: There are 2 options to send your files. (To create your photo book files go to the “Share” tool drawer found along the left side of the window and select the “Photo Book” option and follow the instructions. Learn more about Photo Book Tips & Tricks.)

  1. You can use our Photo Book/Photo Gift Uploader

  2. Mail your files directly to us on a jump drive or CD/DVD disk and include this Photobook/Photogift order form.

22. Q: How can I view two (2) pages together in MemoryMixer before printing my PhotoBook?
A: To view more than 1 page at once open your album and then go to "View" and click on "Page Windows". Then you can go to the bottom toolbar and click on whichever page you want to bring up next to it and then you can adjust your windows so that you can see both pages as close as possible.

23. Q: Is it true "not all Photo Books are the same quality"? What is the quality of your books?
A: It's true, some PhotoBooks are made to last for a week, some for a month. All our hardbound photo books are hand made using time tested techniques and superior materials creating a world class book. .

Technical Support-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

24. Q: What does it mean if I'm getting a JAVA Heaps Space or Page Rendering Error?
A: Several months ago Java (a program that MemoryMixer uses) made some changes that effected the way that MemoryMixer uses memory. Java has since corrected that problem and has issued an update. If you use a PC, simply go to java.com and update. If you have a MAC, this issue is corrected in the new Maveriks OS that is free at Apple.com. Make sure you are registered for our newsletter to receive all of the latest updates.

25. Q: NORTON is stopping me from installing my new content, what can I do?
A: At this time Norton has changed some settings and we have notified them our files are not a threat. We're unsure how long this update will take so, in the meantime, feel free to try this: Look to the lower right corner of your screen where the icons are (your volume control, internet ...) and here you will see the yellow round icon for your Norton. Right click on this icon and then choose "Disable Smart Firewall" and disable this for 2 hours (to be safe). Then you will right click on this same icon again and choose "Disable Anti-Virus" and disable this for 2 hours (to be safe). Then go back to our website and re-download and save the packs that would not download before. You should then be able to "Run" these and install them into your program. If this "work around" does not work for you, please contact our support department for additional help.

26. Q: Is MemoryMixer compatible with Mac?
A: Yes - MemoryMixer is Compatible with Snow Leopard (10.6 up). Based on new Apple security standards, Lion and Mountain Lion may require special security installation instructions.

OLDER MAC system requirements     • OS X 10.4.x or greater (with latest Java update) through Snow Leopard & Mavericks. MemoryMixer is not currently compatible with Yosemite 10.10, El Capitan 10.11, or Sierra 10.12. A Beta is available for os 10.11, 10.12. If you would like to be part of our testing, please contact the office during business hours. • G4 500 MHz or Faster (G5 1 GHz or better recommended) • 1GB RAM available (2 GB or more recommended) • 1 GB RAM available (2 GB or more recommended) • 8 MB Video RAM (64 MB recommended) • Install requires 3GB available Hard Disk Space

27. Q: I just got a new computer, how do I get all my designs from my old computer to my new one?
A: If your ready to install MemoryMixer on your new computer and want your old designs too, click here.

28. Q: I just got a new computer and want to use my old MemoryMixer albums on my new computer. Is there a way to save and use them on the new computer?
A: Sure there are a few simple instructions that should help you below:

   To copy MemoryMixer albums that you have created and and desire to place on a new computer so that you can continue working on them. You will need to go to your "Documents" folder and then either copy the entire "MMAlbums" folder and copy this to a flash drive, or you can open your "MMAlbums" folder and copy the entire folder of the album that you want to bring over to your other computer. Copy this to a flash drive and then take this over to your other computer and "paste" this into the "MMAlbums" folder on your other computer. CAUTION: Do not copy or delete any part of those albums - your album will not work properly if you remove any parts of the folder.

29. Q: I'm having a problem seeing my iphoto pictures in MemoryMixer. What can I do?
A: It's easy to use iphoto with MemoryMixer, there are two great ways listed below:    1. Have MemoryMixer and iPhoto's open at the same time (I suggest you make iphoto a thin tall window 1-2 photos wide) and then just drag and drop your photo's onto your MemoryMixer page.
   2. Make a temporary folder (on your desktop or anywhere that is easy for you to use) and export (copy) the photo's from various folders that you want to use with MemoryMixer. Now you can access this folder through any of the MemoryMixer photo browsers.

30. Q: I've seen in the news Java is unsafe, when I use MemoryMixer am I safe?
A: MemoryMixer is safe to use. The news recently reported that Java in web browsers may have security bugs. Please see the Reuters.com article here. The bugs described occurs when using add-on's in your web browser. Java helps run billions of devices (DVD's, phones, copiers, cars, signal lights, ATM's and many others). The Java we and others use is not implicated in the news article (about Java browser add-on's) and we see no reason for concern.

HOW TO Video ( To see how first )

If you don't find the answer to your question in our most frequently asked questions (FAQ above) then please contact us at support@memorymixer.com or call the office M-F 9:00-4:00 at 801 298 1979