MemoryMixer Technical Support & Error Messages

Technical Support --------------------------------------------------------------

Q: NORTON is stopping me from installing my new content, what can I do? A: At this time Norton has changed some settings and we have notified them our files are not a threat. We're unsure how long this update will take so, in the meantime, feel free to try this: Look to the lower right corner of your screen where the icons are (your volume control, internet ...) and here you will see the yellow round icon for your Norton. Right click on this icon and then choose "Disable Smart Firewall" and disable this for 2 hours (to be safe). Then you will right click on this same icon again and choose "Disable Anti-Virus" and disable this for 2 hours (to be safe). Then go back to our website and re-download and save the packs that would not download before. You should then be able to "Run" these and install them into your program. If this "work around" does not work for you, please contact our support department for additional help. Q: Is MemoryMixer compatible with XP, Vista or Windows 7 & 8? A: Yes!! With Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8 you may need to run MemoryMixer in Administrator Mode. You must also be in administrator mode to install new designs into the MemoryMixer program. To run in admin mode, just right click (with your mouse) on your MemoryMixer icon and select "run in administrator mode". Q: Is MemoryMixer compatible with Mac? A: Yes - MemoryMixer is Compatible with Snow Leopard (10.6 up). Based on new Apple security standards, Lion and Mountain Lion may require special security installation instructions. Q: I just got a new computer, how do I get all my designs from my old computer to my new one? A: If your ready to install MemoryMixer on your new computer and want your old designs too, click here. Q: I just got a new computer and want to use my old MemoryMixer albums on my new computer. Is there a way to save and use them on the new computer? A: Sure there are a few simple instructions that should help you below:    To copy MemoryMixer albums that you have created and and desire to place on a new computer so that you can continue working on them. You will need to go to your "Documents" folder and then either copy the entire "MMAlbums" folder and copy this to a flash drive, or you can open your "MMAlbums" folder and copy the entire folder of the album that you want to bring over to your other computer. Copy this to a flash drive and then take this over to your other computer and "paste" this into the "MMAlbums" folder on your other computer. CAUTION: Do not copy or delete any part of those albums - your album will not work properly if you remove any parts of the folder. Q: I'm having a problem seeing my iphoto pictures in MemoryMixer. What can I do? A: It's easy to use iphoto with MemoryMixer, there are two great ways listed below:    1. Have MemoryMixer and iPhoto's open at the same time (I suggest you make iphoto a thin tall window 1-2 photos wide) and then just drag and drop your photo's onto your MemoryMixer page.    2. Make a temporary folder (on your desktop or anywhere that is easy for you to use) and export (copy) the photo's from various folders that you want to use with MemoryMixer. Now you can access this folder through any of the MemoryMixer photo browsers. Q: I've seen in the news Java is unsafe, when I use MemoryMixer am I safe? A: MemoryMixer is safe to use. The news recently reported that Java in web browsers may have security bugs. Please see the article here. The bugs described occurs when using add-on's in your web browser. Java helps run billions of devices (DVD's, phones, copiers, cars, signal lights, ATM's and many others). The Java we and others use is not implicated in the news article (about Java browser add-on's) and we see no reason for concern.

MemoryMixer Error Messages--------------------------------------------------------------

Q: What does it mean if I'm getting a JAVA Heaps Space or Page Rendering Error? A: Several months ago Java (a program that MemoryMixer uses) made some changes that effected the way that MemoryMixer uses memory. Java has since corrected that problem and has issued an update. If you use a PC, simply go to and update. If you have a MAC, this issue is corrected in the new Maveriks OS that is free at Make sure you are registered for our newsletter to receive all of the latest updates. If you don't find the answer to your question in our most frequently asked questions (FAQ above) then please contact us at or call the office M-F 9:00-5:00 at 801 298 1979