All About MemoryMixer

Getting to Know MemoryMixer

In this series is an introduction to MemoryMixer use and many of it's easy to use features. This is a great place to get started.
Features include: Auto Fill Photos or Place Individually, Photo Effects, Import Pages From Other Albums or QuickMixes, How to Use Backgrounds & Embellishments, Copy & Paste, Drop Shadows, Adding Text, Adding Photo Mats, Color Matching System, Crop and Zoom, Resizing, Duplicating Pages, Photo Book Layouts & Guides

Learning More About MemoryMixer

In this series you will learn more about the flexibility and power of MemoryMixer
Features & Techniques Include: Creating from Scratch the Easy Way, Creating Photo Cards, Word Art, Creating Your Own Backgrounds, Using Photo Boxes, Grouping, Guides and Rulers, Rotating, Aligning, Printing at Home, Custom Page Arranger, Adding Additional Backgrounds

Becoming a MemoryMixer Expert

In this series you will learn more about unique GIFTS, using Shapes, making, personalizing and printing Calendars, Fill a Font, Embellishments and more
Features & Techniques Include: more

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