Personalized Photo Gifts

Q: Does MemoryMixer PRINT Photo Books?
A: Yes, and you’re going to love them. Each photo book is carefully handmade in the U.S. using time tested techniques and archival quality materials creating a family keepsake that will last.

Q: How do I get my "PhotoBook/PhotoGift" files to you?
A: There are 2 options to send your files. (To create your photo book files go to the “Share” tool drawer found along the left side of the window and select the “Photo Book” option and follow the instructions. Learn more about Photo Book Tips & Tricks.)

  1. You can use our Photo Book/Photo Gift Uploader
  2. Mail your files directly to us on a jump drive or CD/DVD disk and include this Photobook/Photogift order form.

Q: What are the step by step instructions for printing a book?

    1. Go to and login.
    2. You will see a row of tabs at the top, click on MM Publishing.
    3. Scroll down to see the different items to be printed and click on the blue box corresponding to the item you want.
    4. Click on the Orange box that says "Upload Pages Now". It is found along the right hand side.
    5. Next will pop up a message reminding you to check all jpgs you have exported. This is a very important step as the jpgs are what will be printed. On occasion there can be an error during the export process.
    6. After you have checked your jpgs to make sure everything is exactly how you want it printed, click where it says Click to Upload.
    7. If you are not logged into your account, log in.
    8. This will take you to Step 1 of the upload process. Click on Browse at the bottom of that screen, and find where you saved your jpgs. Select the jpgs and click Open.
    9. Once all pages are in that box, click Upload at the bottom. This will start them coming over to our side. This can take a while depending on how many pages you have and how many people are uploading at the same time. You will see the progress under status next to each page.
    10. Once this is done, it will automatically take you to step 2. Here you will review the order of your pages.
    11. At the bottom you will either enter your spine text or click a box saying you don't want spine text. You will also have to click another
    box saying you have reviewed the layout and trim area. Then click Go to Step 3 for Book Size and Quantity.
    12. Now you will find the size of book you want and enter the quantity of how many you want of that book. You will also click on what shipping
    method you want. Once that is entered Go to Step 4 to Review your Order and Checkout.
    13. Here you will see a break down of your charges. Then enter in your billing and shipping information. You will also see a box for coupon
    codes and gift certificates. They aren't applied until the very end. At that point you will confirm and finalize your order.
    14. Once that is all entered you hit Go to Step 5 to Place Order and you are all done!
    15. Repeat steps for as many different books as you are uploading.

Q: How can I view two (2) pages together in MemoryMixer before printing my PhotoBook?
A: To view more than 1 page at once open your album and then go to "View" and click on "Page Windows". Then you can go to the bottom toolbar and click on whichever page you want to bring up next to it and then you can adjust your windows so that you can see both pages as close as possible.

Q: Is it true "not all Photo Books are the same quality"? What is the quality of your books?
A: It's true, some PhotoBooks are made to last for a week, some for a month. All our hardbound photo books are hand made using time tested techniques and superior materials creating a world class book.