While Using MemoryMixer Software

Q: What can I do if I'm having trouble selecting an embellishment in v4? A: After many requests from you, MemoryMixer now allows you to select an object (like a photo or another embellishment) through the clear or transparent area of an embellishment and thanks to our great team of developers, they have done it. This is especially handy if you have photo boxes under a frame embellishment. However, sometimes change is a little hard to get used to. Here is a short video that will help. It won't take long and you will get used to this new feature and all the benefits. Here are a few ideas to maximize this feature:
    -use the new zoom (lower left corner) to get closer. This makes it easier to select even those tiny embellishments. -try clicking on the larger part of the embellishment. -when your embellishment is selected, you can always use your keyboard arrow keys to move the item. -Text boxes and shapes do not have transparent areas and you won't be able to select through them. -DO NOT drag and drop your embellishments from the Photo Panel on the right side, add from the the Embellishments tool drawer on the left side.
Q: Why do my layouts look pixelated? Are they still okay to print? A: With then new "Zoom and Fit Page" feature, you may be able to see more pixelation in your layouts, however you don't need to worry. It will still print your layouts beautifully. (default prints are still at 300dpi) We can increase the resolution, however it may slow MemoryMixer down. See what you think and let us know. Q: What is a QuickMix? A: A QuickMix is an album that our professional designers have created to help you get started on your perfect album. You can adjust, change, move or delete any part of the album with ease. You can also move the photo frames or re-size them or add as many photos as you would like. You may want to think of it as your own personal interior decorator who would love to have you further personalize your space if you have time. Q: What is a QuickPage? A: A QuickPage comes as one entire image either as an embellishment or organized into an QuickMix with photo boxes. On a QuickPage you will not be able to edit or move any of the embellishments.
    To add your pictures: If you are working with QuickPages organized into a QuickMix, you will be able to drag and drop your photos into the photo box (new with V4). If you are working with V3, you will right click anywhere on the QuickPage and choose "Send to Back". It will move this part of the page back and bring the photo boxes forward. You will then add your photos and then right click on the page and choose "Bring to Front" and bring it to the front again. If you are working with QuickPages offered as an Embellishment Pack, you will add them just as you would any embellishment. You can always add more embellishments to these pages but you cannot move or delete the existing ones.

Q: What if I can't find a "Background Paper" or "Embellishment" I have downloaded from the MemoryMixer Design Shoppe? A: In your MemoryMixer Software, click on "Backgrounds" or "Embellishments" found in the tool drawer on the left side. Then click on "Paper Packs" or "Embellishment Packs", then either "Designers" or "Manufacturers", then the designers name and you should find all your purchases. In Version 4 there is a shortcut button, "PaperPacks" in the Backgrounds tool drawer