MemoryMixer Photo Books Just Got Better....

Now you can add Spine & Text Color You'll loving being able to add color to your photo book spine. Follow the simple steps or watch the video below to find the RGB Values (computer talk for color). You will add these values at the end of Step 2 when uploading a book to specify color of spine and text.
Finding RGB Values Step by Step Instructions:
Step 1: Duplicate cover by right clicking on Thumbnail found along bottom of MemoryMixer canvas. I like using a copy to find my colors. Then I don't have to worry about messing anything up on my actual cover. Just make sure you delete it before you export and upload.
Step 2: Add Shape. Finding RGB Values
Step 3: Use Color Picker to change color of shape. This makes it easy to make sure your color matches the cover as you'd like. Finding RGB Values
Step 4: If you'd like to experiment with other colors, copy and paste the shape. Then use the color picker to select a new color. You can see the color variation in the bottom of the the color picker window. Finding RGB Values
Step 5: Add text and change the color as described for shapes above. Finding RGB Values
Step 6:Find RGB Value by selecting the Text or Shape on your page. Then select "Change Color" from the Tool drawer and click on the RGB Tab. You will find the RGB values on the right. Write these values down, so you can enter them at the end of Step 2, just after uploading your pages. Finding RGB Values
Step 7: Remember to delete the experimental cover when finished. You certainly don't want to upload it.
Step 8: Enter RGB Values. Once you've entered all 3 values, click outside the box to accept the values. You will see the color display in the box. If the color appears correctly, move onto the next step. Finding RGB Values