MemoryMixer Installation Questions

Q: When installing MemoryMixer on my Mac I just received an installer error: "damaged" or "eject the disk image" what should I do?
A: Some of the increased security of Mountain Lion & Maveriks, makes it difficult to install software not purchased from Apple. If you receive "damaged" installer error and are asked to "eject the disk image" try the following:

    To enable MemoryMixer Software and Add Ons.
       1. Open System Preferences from the Apple Menu.
       2. Click Security & Privacy.
       3. Click the Pad Lock to make changes and Enter the computer password.
       4. Click the Allow applications downloaded from: Anywhere option and close System Preferences.

    After installation, if you want to re-enable security, turn back on only Allow applications downloaded from: from Mac App Store.

Q: What should I do if my new install of MemoryMixer v4 takes a long time installing "Fonts"?
A:When instaling, MemoryMixer can take up to 10 minutes working through your fonts. It's okay to step away for a minute and let it work through. If it takes longer than 10 minutes (stuck on the font install only), please try re-installing your new v4 in a slightly different directory, like MemoryMixer4. If you need help moving your existing content, please email and we will schedule a time to help you.

Q: When installing MemoryMixer I get a QuickTime or JAVA error, what can I do?
A: Sometimes our computers need to upgrade or install JAVA and/or QuickTime. These are both (Oracle and Apple) very respected companies and products that help MemoryMixer work smoothly.

         Java: To install or reinstall go to and download and install the free java upgrade into your computer. It will automatically detect what you need and will run the correct installer (with your permission).
        QuickTime:Go to and download the free QuickTime upgrade (you may need to pick your OS) and then let this install into your computer.
    Reboot your computer and then try MemoryMixer again. You might have to re-download your Version 4 and let this install back over the top of your MemoryMixer.

Q: What should I do if I get a QuickTime Error when installing MemoryMixer V3?
A: Please follow the instructions below for MemoryMixer V3 (if using V2 please email or call our office)

    Uninstall QuickTime:
    1 -Click on "Start"
    2- Click on "Control Panel"
    3- Choose "Add/Remove Software"
    4- Find "QuickTime" and click on "Uninstall"

    Verify QuickTime is fully uninstalled:
    5- Click on Start
    6- Click on My Computer
    7- Go to your C: Drive, then Program Files (or Program Files x86)
    8- Scroll through the Program Files and look for a QuickTime folder. It should be gone. If it's not, then right click on it and choose delete.
    9- Re-install MM Version 3. When you re-install Version 3, it will install QuickTime automatically.
    10- Reboot your computer

    If you have iTunes, you can now go to and download and install the free QuickTime update for the latest version and your iTunes will work just fine.

Q: Where do I find the Product Key Code?
A: Product Key Codes are emailed to you. Please print or keep your email for future reference. You will need this number if you ever need to reinstall MemoryMixer.

Q: What happens to my "stuff" (backgrounds, embellishments, & QM) and my albums if I already have MemoryMixer, will I lose it?
A: No, the content included with V4 will be automatically added to everything you already have. DO NOT uninstall your previous versions of MemoryMixer.

Q: What happens if I get a JVM error while installing MemoryMixer4?
A: Upon installation MemoryMixer makes some calculations and they may need to be adjusted. This tutorial will show you how to make those changes. We have used Notepad in this tutorial to make the changes.

Q: What do I do if my email address is already taken?
A: After installing your MemoryMixer, you will be sent to a page where you will type in your e-mail address. It might say that your e-mail address is already taken. If you already have an account with us just click on the red "X" (in the upper right hand corner of your screen). You will now be able to finish your installation.