celebrating everyday!

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Everyday has beauty, wonder and things to celebrate when we take a minute to look for them. Jot down the cute little things that your kids say and do, start a gratitude journal, keep track of expenses. Now it's so quick, easy, and all in one place with our new Celebrating Everyday monthly booklets.

Introducing... "Celebrating Everyday" booklets - 5 Years At A Glance, 1 Day at a Time

As we’ve witnessed some of the worst tragedies in the last few weeks and months, I can’t think of anything more important than to appreciate and celebrate every day. Although, I know some days don’t feel like they deserve a celebration, I am a true believer that once we start looking and taking notice we will be amazed at the things we can find. Then, remember to take a moment each day and jot a little thought, blessing, fact, accomplishment, event…whatever is important to you on that day into your Celebrating Everyday monthly booklet. Each monthly booklet has a place to jot your thoughts for 5 years. You’ll be amazed as you use your book each year at the events, blessings, accomplishments that you would have forgotten. Now it’s so quick, easy, and all in one place. Included with the Celebrating Everyday booklets, you will receive an exclusive monthly email listing fun and informative reasons to celebrate each day. For example, did you know that the drinking straw was patented on January 3, 1888. Make your next January 3 more fun by including straws with your drinks that day. The possibilities are endless…I’m looking forward to making 2013 the best year yet in spite of any challenges or difficulties that we may face. Looking forward to the best year yet, Kerry