About MemoryMixer Software

Q: What are the new features in MemoryMixer 4?
A: There are lots of new features as well as improvements to existing features. Click here to learn more.

Q: What other features does MemoryMixer have?
A: MemoryMixer is loaded with easy to use, yet powerful features. Click here to see more.

Q: What digital content is included in MemoryMixer 4?
A: You will love the new digital backgrounds, embellishments and QuickMixes (TM) Click here to see what's included. This content isn't included in the V4 Upgrade.

Q: Can I get more backgrounds, embellishments, QuickMixes(TM), etc for Memorymixer?
A: Yes, we have talented designers who have created additional digital content for all of your projects and we've made it easy. Everything downloaded from the MemoryMixer Design Shoppe will be automatically installed in MemoryMixer for quick and easy access.

Q: What is the V4 Upgrade?
A: The V4 Upgrade is an affordable option for current MemoryMixer users. You must have a previous version of MemoryMixer to use the upgrade. However, it DOES NOT! include any NEW Digital Content. The upgrade is a great option, but the additional content is a great value...choices, choices, choices.

Q: What if I ordered the "Upgrade Only" and now I realize I want MemoryMixer4?
A: Don't worry, we understand it's a great value and you don't want to miss out. Simply follow the link below to purchase the additional content. it will be added to your software. Click here to get v4 content only. *please note you will need the key code from your "Upgrade Only" purchase

Q: If I have a previous version of MemoryMixer, What happens to my MemoryMixer albums and digital content (backgrounds, embellishments, & QM) I already have? Will I lose it?
A: No, the content included with V4 will be automatically added to everything you already have. DO NOT uninstall your previous versions of MemoryMixer.

Q: What is a QuickMix?
A: A QuickMix is an album that our professional designers have created to help you get started on your perfect album. You can adjust, change, move or delete any part of the album with ease. You can also move the photo frames or re-size them or add as many photos as you would like. You may want to think of it as your own personal interior decorator who would love to have you further personalize your space if you have time.

Q: What is a QuickPage?
A: A QuickPage comes as one entire image, so you won't be able to edit or move any of the embellishments. You can always add more embellishments to these pages but you cannot move or delete the existing ones. See "Using MemoryMixer" in the FAQs for more infomration.